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Profiles of Ayala Panievsky and Shai Agmon Posted Feb 10, 2024 By HaverimMeretz

Meretz UK invites you to Dangerous Delusions: The Misconceptions that Led to the Catastrophe of 7 October, our first meeting of 2024, and our first

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Top speakers at our ‘judicial reform’ Zoom Posted Sep 04, 2023 By Lawrence Joffe

Meretz UK and Defend Israeli Democracy UK are delighted to host three outstanding Israeli speakers at our 5 September Zoom event Behind The Legislation: Reasons and

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Profile of next speaker, Samah Salaime Posted May 17, 2023 By Lawrence Joffe

Meretz UK is delighted to invite you to hear Samah Salaime speak at JW3 Centre on Tuesday, 23 May. Samah’s topic is Women, Palestinian, Israeli

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