Jerusalem Violence – Activists’ Experiences



Time: 6.30 to 7.30 pm UK time
Location: Zoom

Meretz UK invites you to hear two Jerusalem activists – one Palestinian, Hibah Qawasmi, and one Israeli, Ittay Flescher describe and explain the awful events that have occurred in the city in recent weeks

  • on Thursday, 6 May, 6.30-7.30 pm UK time.

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We have probably all read or heard about the assaults recorded on TikTok, the police sealing off Damascus Gate at the height of Ramadan, and the beatings and death threats at racist rallies. But what is it really like being there at these times? What does it mean for Israeli and Palestinian communities in the the city which is seen a capital for both peoples? What are the expriences of activists on the ground? And might tensions spill over to other areas and inflame an even larger and costlier conflict?

Come to listen to a Zoom discussion between Ittay Flescher and Hibah Qawasmi, both activists living in Jerusalem, and ask your questions.

Meretz UK also thanks Hashomer Hatzair Trust UK for their vital help in making this meeting possible.

Ittay is the Education Director at Kids4Peace Jerusalem, an interfaith movement for Israelis and Palestinians, and Israel Correspondent for Plus61J Media from Australia.

Born in Ramat Gan, he moved to Australia when he was two and returned to Israel three years ago. He frequently teaches on gap year programs about the identity, narratives and cultures of the people who call Jerusalem home. He has written for Forward, Fathom, Times of Israel and several other publications, as well as lecturing at Limmud and JW3. Since making Jerusalem his home, he has been learning Arabic, joined a haredi-secular dialogue group and has supported movements and causes that foster tolerance and equality for all in Jerusalem.

Hibah Qawasmi joined the Jerusalem Intercultural Center (ICC) in 2017 as an Arabic Language  Teacher. She works as a translator and participates in public panels, telling her story about living in Jerusalem as a Palestinian. Besides experience as a researcher, Hibah holds a B.A in French Literature and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as a teaching diploma of Arabic language from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.