Excellent film about Israelis, Palestinians… and trees



Time: 8-10pm
Location: Hampstead Shtiebel - 10a Canfield Gardens, London NW6 3JS

We are happy to invite you to a screening hosted by Meretz UK and Spiro Ark of the film Vegetative Love, directed and produced by Dror Shohet.

This meditative film explores the role of the tree in diverse environments and in the lives of five characters, both Jewish and Arab: a doctor, a farmer, an artist, a lumberjack and one for whom nature is his home. The relationship between man and nature forms a mirror reflecting human society itself and is reflected through these people.  Vegetative_Love_1

Dror Shohet, born in Tel Aviv of Jewish Iraqi descent, is the director and producer of this lyrical, philosophical work of art. She studied animation at Betzalel, fine art in Amsterdam, and film at the School of Audio and Visual Arts, Sderot. Dror already has five cinema awards to her credit. When not making films she works as a Hebrew teacher at the JCoss school in London. We are honoured to have Dror join us for a discussion of her work.

Dror Shohet Director Pic

Refreshments served and contributions of £10.

And here is a trailer for the film.

A biography of Dror appears at the end of this post for a SOAS screening.

With thanks to Hashomer Hatzair Trust UK for supporting the event.