Neither a Jewish State nor an Arab State – Ben Reiff Posted April 15, 2020 by HaverimMeretz


 ‘Neither a Jewish State nor an Arab State’: How Zionist Bi-Nationalism Tried and Failed to Change the Face of the Middle East

by Ben Reiff

  • Ben Reiff has recently completed a five-month study period with Achvat Amim – Solidarity of Nations – where he was a Hashomer Hatzair Trust Centenary Scholar. (HHT also supports Meretz UK events). Scroll down within this article for more information on the scholarship.Ben-Reiff-cropped


  • Formerly a masters student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where he set up the highly successful LSE Students Union Voices of Israel-Palestine group, he has just begun work with Molad, the Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy, in Israel.
  • Below is a thought-provoking paper he wrote for Fathom Journal and their Mandate100 series; the original is here.