Meretz UK is proud to take part in this unprecedented initiative by Diaspora Jewish groups.

See statement below, followed by list of participating organisations across five continents, with links.

The campaign against President Trump’s ‘peace plan’ has been covered by Jewish News/ Times of Israel.

The picture we are using comes from a previous Trump/ Netanyahu encounter, in 2017, as reported in this Huffington Post article by Trita Parsi.

Global Initiative of Diaspora Jews

Against President Trump’s Plan


We are a diverse coalition of Jewish organisations and individuals from communities across the globe. We share a commitment to the Jewish values of justice and peace which can only be fulfilled through a negotiated two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians. We share a commitment to Israel’s security and prosperity which can best be fulfilled through peace agreements with its neighbours.

We believe that this plan could only be rejected by the Palestinian leadership as it will not bring peace, nor a viable two-state solution. A peace plan in name only, it will perpetuate the occupation and doom the region to a destructive future of more bloodshed and conflict. As Diaspora Jews, we reject this deal as inconsistent not only with international law but with Jewish values, and Israel’s aspiration to be a state living in peace and respect with its neighbours.

We therefore appeal to Jews around the world, our national governments and all those committed to a just peace to oppose this plan. Instead, we pledge to redouble our efforts to work with Israelis and Palestinians toward a future in which they can live in peace, with freedom, dignity, and security.


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