Empowering Moderates from Israel and Palestine



Time: 1 pm
Location: JW3, 341-351 Finchley Rd, NW3 6ET

Darkenu crowd smallerEmpowering the Moderates –

Activists from Israel and Palestine

Speak Out

  • At JW3 Centre, 341-351 Finchley Road, NW3 6ET
  • Arts and Sciences Room
  • Sunday 30 September

  • 1 pm start

Meeting hosted by Meretz UK and OneVoice Europe with two special young guests, Obada of Zimam (Palestine) and Asaf of Darkenu (Israel) – both of them NGOs committed to non-violence, bolstering civil society and building bridgeszimam2 - Pal youth protest Nalus 19 Feb 2018 pic from Zimam

Statement from Zimam1

We’re ready to make Zimam the leading progressive civil society organisation in Palestine, actively promoting the values of liberalism, democracy, tolerance, acceptance, and justice.

Statement from Darkenu


Darkenu strives for an Israel that exists upon the following principles:
• The fulfilment of the dream of the founders of the state: Israel as a nation state of the Jewish people and a democratic state for all of its citizens
• A security arrangement that sees us withdraw from the Palestinian territories and ultimately results in the establishment of two countries
• Social justice and solidarity for all of its citizens
• The eradication of racism and all forms of discrimination

Statement from OneVoice Movement

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Global initiative supporting grassroots efforts to bring about a just and negotiated solution to conflict in Israel and Palestine. Since 2002, the OneVoice Movement has been supporting the work of brave Israelis and Palestinians striving for a better future. Ultimately, they must be the ones to agree on the terms for a negotiated resolution, but this is a conflict with global implications and international factors. Therefore, those of us living outside of the region also have a part to play.

With the support of Hashomer Hatzair UK