Aftermath of the 2015 Israeli elections



Time: 8pm
Location: Hashomer House, 37a Broadhurst Gardens, NW6 3QT

Meretz UK is delighted to invite you to hear Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor on the new political dispensation in Israel following the March election.

With a razor-thin majority Benjamin Netanyahu has fashioned the most right-wing government in Israeli history.

  • So who are the new figures to look out for?
  • What hopes – if any – are there for a revival of the much-needed peace process?
  • Why did the Israeli electorate defy opinion polls and cast their lot for a fourth term led by Bibi?
  • Will there be a proliferation of racist legislation – or will a “moderate” Netanyahu prove his critics wrong?
  • What role can the leftist opposition play in steering Israeli policy?
  • And can Bibi really hold his government together, given his narrow majority and the divergent forces at play?

These are just some of the questions Cohen-Almagor will address in what promises to be an excellent evening of analysis and discussion on Thursday, 23 July. And few are better qualified to debate them than the Israeli-born Chair in Politics at the University of Hull, who has written nine books (including two poetry books) and edited another eight.


US State Department photo of (left to right) Mahmoud Abbas, Benjamin Netanyahu, Hillary Clinton and Senator George Mitchell – taken on 2 September 2010, at the start of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority

In addition he blogs on issues ranging from Israeli politics and the two-state solution to Middle East developments and medical ethics. And he has written and lectured extensively on internet freedom and security, multiculturalism, democratic values, human rights and euthanasia.

When not acting as director of the Middle East Study Group, Raphael Cohen-Almagor also happens to be a theatre aficionado and was a member of Mapam and then Meretz in Israel! He is happy to answer all questions.

  • Refreshments will be served afterwards
  • Contributions, £5.